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Finish carpentry can make a home look more pleasing to the eye than any other feature.  Imagine the deep walnut and cherry woods  that have scrolled details and sophisticated edges that can display unique shadows and light patterns.  Once inside the house, the finish carpentry styles defines plain walls, door and window frames, and cabinetry to help complete your homes design style.

Here are some ways to transform plain looking walls, ceilings and passage ways into elegant, handcrafted rooms.

Mouldings are both practical and decorative.  They cover rough edges and seams between different materials while adding a distinctive touch of detail and character.  Mouldings come in many shapes and sizes that can complement any decor.

Crown  – Originally designed for and used to hide the joint between ceiling and walls, crown mouldings provide a decorative transition that can dramatically improve the appearance of almost any room.

Chair Rail – Today, chair rail mouldings are primarily used for aesthetic appeal and for form rather than function.  Although typically found at the standard 36 inch height, chair rail mouldings may also be placed 48 to 60 inch off the floor depending on ceiling heights or for a more dramatic feel.

Casing – Even the most basic case moulding around windows and doors can help define and decorate wall surfaces.  The use of wider casing in combination with rosettes, plinth blocks, back band and other various mouldings can add both the definition and detail you desire.

Base – Base mouldings can visually anchor rooms and provide an elegant transition between your walls and floor.  There are number of options for updating them to add elegance to your home.  Because base mouldings come in variety of styles and sizes, they can match virtually any decor or can set the tone for a room.

Applied Mouldings – Offer a simple yet effective way to enhance the plain canvas of any ceiling.

Interior Doors

Stylized interior doors can create a dramatic entrance to a room.  Designer interior doors, such as French doors, raised and flat panel doors, pocket doors, sliding doors, and bi-fold doors, can add unique and functional design details to your home.  Even old doors can be updated with new hardware, such as hinges and locksets, to change their style.

Custom Hardware

An upgrade of your existing door and cabinet hardware will give both a facelift to your homes interior decor and incease its functionality.  New hardware such as hinges, locksets and knobs can freshen up older doors or further enhance the look of a new door.  With a myriad of styles and finishes the possibilities are limitless.


Today, columns are often used as a decorative enhancement.  Columns come in several varieties, such as round, square, fluted, paneled, smooth, tapered or straight.